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I actually posted this as a comment to one of [livejournal.com profile] marta_bee's posts, which you can find here: http://marta-bee.livejournal.com/294972.html.  I got a bit carried away with my reply, so I thought I'd go ahead and post my thoughts here as well.  Because I cannot squee enough about this episode.  Before you read any further:  yes, I am aware of its many flaws.  It's not perfect, by any means.  Be that as it may, here is why I loved it so much:


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Well, I got home from Christmas with my family today only to this lovely review on my story "I'll be Holmes for Christmas" on ff.net:

euphoracle:God, poor Mycroft. He should be imprisoned for daring to bring his
family together for Christmas. What a bastard! Of course his mother loves him
least! Was this written by a thirteen year old?One who hates her older
siblings? Don't anser. The dinner scene is far from realistic too. Even if she
hated Mycroft, if only to appear like a good mother, Marjorie would not allow
Sherlock to badger his brother over Christmas dinner about his eating habits.
God, throughout this fic I kept waiting for someone to slap Sherlock. He's so
vindictive it's annoying. If he's going to be characterized this way, at least
give me some good reasons to like him too. Telling me he loves John means
nothing. Show me this love and respect he supposedly feels. I mean, there's no
color imagery in front of my eyes, with a gorgeous actor playing the part so
well, to distract me from his harsh words and deeds. Telling me how he looks,
that he looks hurt or innocent or whatever, substanciates nothing. Let the
character speak and act for himself in order to define him.

I also kept thinking that I've read all this dialogue and conflict in many
fics before this one, even within the Sherlock BBC fandom this past month.

Mycroft is a flat character here, not to mention a convenient scapegoat. John
is pretty out-of-character, too. One second he's depicted as a humble and
plebian doctor, the next he's a hand-kissing ...

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Uh... yeah. Guess they told me, eh? Funny thing is, this showed up in my email, then when I visited the site to read the full review, it wasn't there. Can people delete their reviews on ff.net once they post them?

Too bad I can't respond, because they were signed in as a guest. According to them, my writing isn't even up to the low standards of ff.net. Merry Christmas to me :D


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