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Title: Love Actually
Writer: PipMer
Status of work: Complete
Characters and/or pairings: Sherlock/John
Rating: G
Warnings, kinks & contents: fluff, humor, first kiss, dialogue-only, no angst
Length: 250 words

Author's note: So this is just a tiny ficlet that popped into my head yesterday. I've had a writing dry spell lately, I think due both to working crazy hours (52 hours of overtime for 2 weeks) and a general lack of confidence. Hopefully this will help pull me out of the slump.

Since I really, really suck at titles - yes, I stole this one from the movie I watched last night. Hopefully it's at least a little bit relevant. Dialogue-only fic. Hope you enjoy!

Summary: Love tends to rear its head at the most inconvenient time.

“I love you.”


“You heard me perfectly well.”





“It’s just, that was a bit - unexpected.”

“I know. I’m sorry. On reflection I probably shouldn’t have blurted it out like that with no warning.”

“No, it’s… fine. It’s all good.”


“So what happens now?”

“I haven’t the faintest.”




“For the record, I love you too.”

“I knew it! Why didn’t you … “

“Because you’re you, and I’m… me.”

“You’re an idiot.”

“Yes, I know.”



“Maybe we could try kissing?”

“Right now??”

“Well, you asked what happens next! I’m making a suggestion. As to what could happen next.”

“It’s just that we’re in the middle of a stakeout here.”

“He’s not due for another twenty minutes.”

“The whole purpose of a stakeout is to - “

“Shut up. I know the purpose of a stakeout, I’ve done dozens.”

“As have I.”




“So what?”

“Should we try that kissing before the criminal actually gets here?”

“Oh for god’s sake - mmmph!”



“Well, that was surprisingly pleasant.”


“I’ve never done that before.”

“You’ve never kissed someone?”

“I’ve never kissed a man.”

“Join the club. Neither have I.”


“So when you say you’ve never kissed a man, does that mean you’ve kissed - “

“Yes, obviously. Only for a case, though.”

“Which do you prefer?”

"Need more data."



".... Sherlock, stop!"

"What? Why?"

"He's here!"

“Brilliant! Right on schedule. Got your gun?”

“I do. But the real question is…”

“Oh for god’s sake, John, spit it out. Honestly.”

“Got your breath back?”


End notes:  If you're still not sure who it was that said "I love you" first - that's because I purposely kept it vague. Feel free to let me know your opinion, and what tipped you off.

Thanks again to [livejournal.com profile] prettybirdy979 for giving it a quick look-over for me and assuring me that it didn't suck.

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