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My roommate finally has a job, after two years of being unemployed, and four months after running out of said unemployment.

We share a car. MY car, which I pay for everything for, aside from gas, which he helped pay for when he actually had money to do so. I pay for everything else regarding said car.

One of the tires had a couple of bulges in it. He pestered me to take it in and get it fixed or replaced, because it was potentially dangerous and could cause a blow-out at any time. This is reasonable. So I took it in today, and had it replaced. When I got home, he asked if they had looked at any of the other tires for issues as well. I said yes, it was mentioned that one of the tires was pretty low on tread and should be replaced soon. I opted not to, because I need to budget my expenses, because HELLOOO I'VE BEEN PAYING FOR EVERYTHING ON MY OWN FOR FOUR FUCKING MONTHS.

Anyway, he tells me, "Well, that doesn't really reassure me. I'd like to know that the car is safe to drive. Isn't safety an important enough reason to perhaps dip into your savings?"

Okay. Two things. 1) Regarding dipping into savings: What do you think I've been doing for the past four months in order to pay for all the daily bills and expenses? Something that should have never happened, because when you were close to running out of unemployment, you should have been busy looking for a job so that I wouldn't be stuck paying for everything on my own. 2) If you use the car as much as me, I should think that it wouldn't be unreasonable to expect you to help defray the costs of maintenance and repair of said car. What IS unreasonable is you expecting me to shoulder that entire burden on my own.

This can't go on for much longer, or I'm going to start shooting the walls. Or shooting someONE.
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